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Eliminate 'Virtuous Waste'

Stop wasting time and money on deceptive expenses
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MDM Premium Extra: 2015 State of E-Commerce in Distribution (Webcast transcript)

To thank you for your business and add value to your MDM Premium subscription, MDM offers bonus content each month exclusively to premium subscribers. This month we feature a transcript of the MDM Webcast ...
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Recommended Reading: Distribution E-Commerce 'Maturing'

Distributors increasing online initiatives but spending more time in early stages.
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Tip: Add Reasonable Premiums to Increase Small Customer Profitability

Companies must avoid underpricing accounts with little or no potential growth rates.
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Grainger Launches Choice Badge

Brand identifier helps customers locate products to fit their needs.
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Tip: Use Analytics to Take Control of Pricing

Giving sales reps accurate pricing information can increase profits.
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Four Steps to Get Price Change Buy-In

Sales reps understand the need for price increases but fear the consequences
Price increases are a part of doing business. The challenge is getting sales reps and customers on board with the changes. This article offers a road map for getting buy-in from the sales team ...
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Millennials are Today's B2B Buyers

Study: Nearly half of all potential buyers in B2B are part of the millennial generation.
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Improve Profitability by Changing Anecdote to Data

Salespeople need data to understand where a company does and doesn't make money.
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Tip: Convert Customers to Promoters

Provide an exceptional customer experience to reduce marketing effort and cost.
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