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Fastenal to Grow Part-Time Work Force

CEO: Adding part-time support staff frees up sales force for more “aggressive” sales efforts.
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The 2014 State of E-Commerce in Distribution, Part 2: The Multichannel Factor

Distributors have not effectively integrated automation and paid search
The third annual MDM distribution e-commerce survey found that distributors’ e-commerce revenue as a percent of overall revenue is rising. But while distributors are increasingly using multiple vehicles to drive demand online, they have not ...
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Commentary: Cutting to the Chase On Digital’s Value Proposition

There’s a lot of jargon around all things digital, and I plead guilty on all charges when talking about them – digital platforms, omnichannel, cloud, big data ... the more digital we go, the fuzzier ...
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Tip: Use Models, Not People, to Develop Pricing

Using models can help segment customers, increase margins.
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Embrace the Marketing Paradox: There are Riches in Niches

The smaller your target market, the bigger your opportunity.
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Tip: Offer Proactive Customer Training to Deepen Relationships

Distributors need to do more than just sell product.
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How to Turbocharge Your Strategic Account Management: Part 2

Strategic account managers have three important profit levers to pull.
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Wolseley's E-Commerce Looks to Compete With Grainger, Amazon

Wolseley "wants to have the best transactional site."
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Is Your Website Customer-Focused or Egocentric?

To be successful online you need to create your website for your customers – not you.
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Tip: For E-Commerce, Focus on Existing Customers First

It's easier to grow revenue from existing customers than new customers.
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