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Distribution Sales & Marketing

2014 State of Distributor Marketing: Focus Shifts to Digital

Marketing still tactical, rather than strategic, for most distributors
A joint MDM-Real Results Marketing survey revealed that while 80 percent of respondents create an annual marketing plan, for most companies, that plan is largely ignored after its creation. This article examines how distributors across ...
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Commentary: Technology-Driven Value?

It’s easy to say distributors are more than middle men in the sales process. They are there to provide product when customers want it, where customers want it and how customers want it, right? But ...
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From Manager to Coach: The New Role of Sales Managers

Sales managers today need to be more proactive and interactive.
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Who's My Coach? The Changing Role of Sales Managers

Younger sales teams looking for ‘coaches,’ not ‘dictators.’
Baby boomers are retiring, and sales managers are recognizing that their current management styles may not be quite as beneficial as they could be. Adopting a strong philosophy and vision for leading a sales team ...
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Stop Being Passive with House Accounts

Realigning sales channels to actively grow smaller accounts results in higher revenue, profit.
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Two Drivers of Change in the Sales Job

Sales personnel are adapting to changing customer demands.
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Commentary: The Changing Role of the Distributor

Today's distribution industry is a different animal than a few decades ago. The article examines how distributors are adapting to new customer expectations. Subscribers should log-in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe ...
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Cost-Effective Channel Alignment

Use the right resources to serve small customers for big impact
There is often a perception in sales that the smallest accounts are not worth the time and effort to obtain the small amount of sales they provide. In this article, Jonathan Bein of Real Results ...
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The Changing Role of Sales Personnel

Sales moving from order collectors to customer consultation experts.
With all the technology available to sales personnel, the nature of the sales position is changing drastically. This article examines some of the ways in which the role of the sales person is changing, as ...
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Strategies for Increasing Pricing Power

Power over pricing isn’t just for the biggest players.
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