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Distribution Trends

Ignore the Hype: Market Signals Positive Path Ahead

Industrials are outperforming other parts of the market.
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Tip: Leverage Your Specialized Knowledge for Marketing Success

Use content marketing to build stronger customer relationships.
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Recommended Reading: How to Use Logistics to Fend Off Amazon

Transportation, fulfillment critical to meet changing market demands.
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Commentary: Find ‘Idea Monkeys’ to Help Your Company Innovate

Too many distributors get stuck in the “way it’s always been done” rut
Too many distributors get stuck in the “way it’s always been done” rut. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access ...
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Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Innovation cannot be mandated, but it can be cultivated
Innovation is critical to long-term success in distribution. This article shares tips on how to create a culture that encourages innovation throughout your organization. This article includes: How distributors currently innovate Attributes of innovation ...
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MDM-Baird Distribution Survey: 2016 a Turning Point?

Distributor revenues make slight rebound as headwinds lessen
Robert W. Baird & Co., in partnership with Modern Distribution Management, conducted a survey of more than 600 distributors and manufacturers to gauge business trends and the outlook for the distribution industry in diverse ...
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Tip: Focus on Employee Development to Drive Innovation

Innovation strategies should focus on investing in people.
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E-Commerce Tightening Industrial Real Estate

Migration to online shopping drastically affecting vacancies and rents, but relief on the way.
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MDM Premium Extra: 2016 State of E-Commerce in Distribution (Webcast Transcript)

To thank you for your business and add value to your MDM Premium subscription, MDM offers bonus content each month exclusively to premium subscribers. This month we feature a summary and transcript of the MDM ...
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Tip: Rethink Channel Relationships to Cut Costs, Grow Profits

Master Distributors can be a valuable resource for distributors.
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