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August 2015 M&A Roundup: Brisk Activity in PT/Bearings Sector

Motion Industries, Applied Industrial and OTP Industrial Solutions bolster portfolios.
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Are Noncompete Clauses the Answer to Hiring Woes?

Restrictive covenants face many challenges in today's work environment.
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A World Divided: All Eyes Turn to Fed for Hints on Interest Rates

Global bankers call for rate increase, but U.S. conflicted on that move.
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A Beginner Friendly Guide to Predictive Analytics

Effective data usage requires an analytics-minded manager.
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Air Products Creates its Own Solution to Helium Shortage

Industry & specialty gases company opens new helium production facility to offset ongoing shortage.
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Build Competitive Advantage with College Partnerships

Historically, distributors have 'underinvested' in education.
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4 Factors Clobber U.S. Economy

Low oil prices, declining yuan, unfavorable currency exchange and soaring trade deficit taking toll.
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Data Snapshot: Bearings in the U.S.

This month's Data Snapshot looks at the estimated size of the bearings market which includes ball, roller and mounted bearings.
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The Home Depot on Interline Brands: You Complete Me

CEO: No plans to continue to acquire more capability.
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Recommended Reading: Communication Mitigates Supply Chain Disruption

Let channel partners know – well in advance – about changes to business systems.
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