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Google Shopping for Suppliers Shuts Down

Google fails to gain traction in the distribution space with e-commerce platform for suppliers.
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Redwood Plastics: Success through Online Engagement

“There’s a huge opportunity” online, distributor says in 7 Minutes With … interview.
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Everything Changes: Opportunities for Tomorrow

Identify where your company is falling behind, and use change to drive progress.
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Supreme Court Decision Allows “Opt-Out” of Contraception Coverage

Decision could draw objections to other laws.
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Recommended Reading: The Importance of Continuous Improvement in Talent

Distributors are creating their own top talent through training.
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Supreme Court Rules Against NLRB Recess Appointments

Ruling could impact more than 400 decisions made by the labor board during an 18-month period.
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Candid Distributor-Supplier Discussion Creates Benefits for Both

Creation of valuable relationship between distributor and supplier eliminates disintermediation scares.
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Big Picture: How the Past is Affecting Distribution’s Future

2014 Distribution Trends Report now available.
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Access Now: How Shale is Changing the Energy Supply Chain

Toby Mack of the EEIA says development of shale areas has significantly altered the U.S. energy picture
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AmazonSupply Alert is Orange (High)

Don't let the hype over AmazonSupply prevent a strategic approach to e-commerce.
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