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Unstoppable Amazon? Not So Fast

Online retail giant vulnerable to mobile purchasing trends.
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E-Commerce Priorities for B2B Companies

Customer service ranks second to price in importance.
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Tip: Emulate B2C Model to Grow Online Revenue

B2B websites must provide similar service, ease of navigation as sites like Amazon, Target.
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Commentary: Emerging Trends for 2015

Outlook has a mixed message: Full speed ahead, but watch your back.
Outlook has a mixed message: Full speed ahead, but watch your back. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access to the ...
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Behind Curbell Plastics' Digital Strategy

President: We need to 'understand the digital body language' of the customer.
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Don’t Put Shopping Cart before Data Horse

B2C and B2B customers require different things from e-commerce websites.
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Tip: Solve Technology Shortcomings with Digital Boot Camp

Focused effort can pinpoint deficits, transform e-commerce presence.
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Meeting the Mobile Demand

The way we do business isn't changing; it's already changed.
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7 Key Investments to Grow Online Revenue

Static websites and PDF catalogs are not enough to compete online
Corporate customers now seek an online experience similar to the business-to-consumer model, and distributors must adapt their e-commerce approach accordingly if they hope to increase conversion rates and customer retention. Michael Nagrant, principal consultant, Codifyd ...
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