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Distribution Technology

AD Tackles E-Commerce ‘Monster’

New e-content program will help members compete with large players
Independent wholesale distributors excel in many aspects of business, but they often struggle to compete in areas of business where scale poses an advantage, such as e-commerce. Earlier this year, North American buying and ...
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Amazon's Data-Driven Brick-and-Mortar

Use online data to help manage local inventories.
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Ask Right Questions to Win Technology Battle

Companies with innovative digital strategies gain distinct advantage over competitors.
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'Data-Driven' Culture Fueling Watsco's Growth

Distributor reaping benefits of tripling IT employee count and increasing technology spend.
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Tip: Establish ‘Rhythm of Reassessment’ in Analytics

Guidance from management is crucial when implementing analytics tools.
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Commentary: An Analytics Shift

Distributors can start changing the mindset around analytics now
Distributors don’t need a data scientist to start changing the mindset around analytics. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access ...
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Increase Analytics Usability & Excitement

Involve users in analytics design to improve functionality
Analytics is quickly becoming a necessity for distributors wanting to gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve, but creating analytics tools that your team can understand and get excited about is ...
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Tip: Increase ROI with a Customer-Focused Digital Strategy

Understanding customer expectations is key for e-commerce success.
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Survey: Digital Investment Yields Revenue, Profit Growth

PwC's Digital IQ survey says CEO must become digital champion for company.
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Better Digital Strategy=More Digital Growth

Survey: Distributors lag on creating comprehensive strategies for technology.
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