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Distribution Technology

Recommended Reading: Is Mobile Right for You?

'Run circles around competition' by offering app or mobile-friendly site.
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5 Questions to Move Sales Opportunities Forward

How to be proactive - rather than reactive - in sales.
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Recommended Reading: Don't Let IoT Displace You in the Supply Chain

Connectivity will change the supply chain; it's up to you to decide your role.
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Industry Innovator: Leading from Online

It takes more than e-commerce to reach potential customers and employees
The MDM Industry Innovator award recognizes an individual who is leading change in a changing industry, rather than letting the change lead them. This year’s winner is Jay Amstutz, president of Ohio Power Tool, ...
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IoT Poised to Alter Supply Chain

Sensors, automated monitoring create opportunities to enhance relationships
Internet of things is a broad term for a network of connected devices that can automatically communicate with one another. The applications of this new technology are still in the early stages for distribution, ...
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Listen to Customers or Lose Them

Customer experience critical in today’s B2B marketplace
Not enough distributors listen to their customers, and this is a problem in the “era of the customer.” With the rise of Amazon and other unknown disruptors possibly on the horizon, B2B companies must ...
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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your CRM?

Optimize existing technology with right processes, commitment from upper management.
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Tip: Embrace Internet of Things to Become More Embedded with Customers

Sensors and connectivity provide distributors with competitive advantage.
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Oracle Agrees to Acquire NetSuite

Acquisition complements company's cloud applications.
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Watsco Embraces Omnichannel

HVAC distributor seeing increase in e-commerce, mobile app traffic.
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