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Distribution Interviews

Access Now: Simplify Your Business in Latest Episode of Executive Briefing

Cutting out the busy work can save you time and money.
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MDM Interview: Why Customer 'Delight' is the Wrong Goal

Author: Rethink your customer service approach to combat disloyalty
The desire to “delight your customers” is a noble one. But the effort involved may be better used elsewhere. Rick DeLisi, senior director of advisory services for CEB’s sales and services practice and co-author of ...
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MDM Interview: How to Stand in Your Employees’ Shoes

Author on how managers can better engage a diverse workforce
As the face of the workforce shifts, managers need new skills to connect and effectively lead a more diverse employee base. A new book, Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences, was written to ...
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How to Compete in an Increasingly Crowded Market

Latest episode of 7 Minutes With: Ted Stark of Dalco Enterprises on increased competition in the jan-san industry.
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Top 10 MDM Interviews of 2013

Highlights from a year of interviews with distribution and manufacturing executives, as well as other thought leaders.
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MDM Interview with Guy Blissett: Uncertainty + Change = Opportunity?

Facing the Forces of Change author on why now is a good time to innovate
The role of distributors is changing, says Guy Blissett, wholesale distribution lead for IBM Corp. and author of The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors’ 2013 edition of Facing the Forces of Change: Reimagining Distribution in a ...
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MDM Interview: Giving Up Control of Your Business

Author: Business owners need to prioritize succession planning, even if it’s hard
Business owners procrastinate when it comes to succession planning for many reasons, including uncertainty over potential successors and concerns about how affected family members and key employees will react. But these obstacles aren’t insurmountable, according ...
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Jay Drummond on the Growing Sophistication of Integrated Supply

In 7 Minutes With interview, Drummond talks about the evolution of the integrated supply market.
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MDM Interview: Minimizing Risk in Your Business

Expert shares why distributors should identify, rank & manage potential risk
Distributors face many kinds of risk, including product liability claims, economic uncertainty, employee injuries, natural disasters and supply chain disruptions. By identifying potential scenarios, and ranking and planning for each of them, risk can be ...
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