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Recommended Reading: Top 5 Most-Read Articles in 1Q

Online strategy, succession planning remain top of mind for distributors.
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Mayer Electric: Protecting the ‘Goose that Laid the Golden Egg’

Succession planning should not be spontaneous in family businesses
Mayer Electric, Birmingham, AL, has been a family business since its founding in 1930. CEO Nancy Collat Goedecke spoke with MDM about the processes the family developed and the challenges they have overcome to ...
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Disasters Can – and Will – Happen

Emergency planning starts with accepting the reality of potential disasters
Disasters touch every sector of the industrial distribution industry every year, costing millions, destroying businesses and affecting the supply chain. Incorporating an emergency preparedness plan can greatly influence the outcome of a disaster, as ...
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Capitol Coffee’s Investment in Adaptation

How technology helped a coffee distributor evolve.

Redwood Plastics’ Online Success Story

This article is a part of MDM's 2014 Distribution Trends Report. The article looks at an online strategy that led Redwood Plastics to increased sales conversions and company expansion. The annual report was researched and ...
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Capitol Coffee’s Proactive Problem-Solving

This article is a part of MDM's 2014 Distribution Trends Report. The article introduces Capitol Coffee, which began as an office coffee distributor, but quickly expanded to provide more products and services to its customers ...
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Engman-Taylor Creates Cost Saving Teams

This article is a part of MDM's 2014 Distribution Trends Report. The article reviews industrial distributor and integrated supplier Engman-Taylor, which trademarked its Cost Circles program, reducing costs for customers in manufacturing, price and administration. ...
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Recommended Reading: Case Studies in E-Commerce, Recruiting, Product Mix & More

Ideas from distributors on how to respond to market shifts.
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Tip: Offer Proactive Customer Training to Deepen Relationships

Distributors need to do more than just sell product.
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Martin Industrial Supply's Investment in Safety Paying Off

In recent 7 Minutes With ... interview, David Ruggles talks about success in safety.
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