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Economic Trends

New Orders for Manufactured Goods Down 0.2% in January

Transportation equipment up 9.7 percent.
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Manufacturing Productivity Down 0.1% in 4Q

Productivity increases 0.5 percent in durable goods, decreases 1.5 percent in nondurable goods.
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Federal Reserve: Economy Continues Expansion

Manufacturing generally increased, although the rate of growth varied.
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Canadian Residential Construction Investment Up 6.8 percent in 4Q

Renovation spending drove the increase, up 10.3 percent.
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European Industrial Producer Prices Fall 0.9% in Euro Area

Prices also decrease by 1.2 percent in EU28.
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Canadian Industrial Product Price Index Down 0.4 percent in January

Raw Materials Price Index declined 7.7 percent, largely due to lower prices for crude energy products.
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ISA Report Shows Slowed Growth in January

Both the Manufacturer Index and the Distributor Index decreased.
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January Construction Spending Up 1.8% Year-Over-Year

Construction spending was down 1.1 percent from December.
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Manufacturing Sector Expansion Continues in February

PMI down 0.6 percent, but growth continues for 26th consecutive month.
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MAPI Quarterly Forecast: Lower Oil Prices Spur Consumer Spending

Manufacturing production is expected to outpace GDP.
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