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Distribution Management & Strategy

Tip: Strengthen Competitiveness with These Four “P”s

Start with these four basics to strategize your company’s value.
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HD Supply Facilities Maintenance Opens News DC in Houston

The 500,000-square-foot facility is distributor's 45th in the U.S. and Canada.
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Report: Data Drives Better Decision-Making

Companies that base "big decisions" on data three times more likely to see significant improvement from those decisions.
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Gathering Tools for a Disaster Plan

Most companies already have tools in place to initiate a disaster plan.
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Tip: Improve Information Exchange, Partnership Over Rebate Structure

Initiate the conversation with a goal of mutual benefits.
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Operations Q&A: When is Wandering the Warehouse Good?

When employees wander, productivity takes a hit; when managers do, it can be a different story.
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Commentary: Technology-Driven Value?

It’s easy to say distributors are more than middle men in the sales process. They are there to provide product when customers want it, where customers want it and how customers want it, right? But ...
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Disasters Can – and Will – Happen

Emergency planning starts with accepting the reality of potential disasters
Disasters touch every sector of the industrial distribution industry every year, costing millions, destroying businesses and affecting the supply chain. Incorporating an emergency preparedness plan can greatly influence the outcome of a disaster, as can ...
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'Atypical' Recovery Clouds Outlook for HD Supply

CEO: Residential construction markets showing 'slowing and unpredictable characteristics.'
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From Manager to Coach: The New Role of Sales Managers

Sales managers today need to be more proactive and interactive.
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