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Distribution Management & Strategy

Capitol Coffee’s Investment in Adaptation

How technology helped a coffee distributor evolve.

The Benefits of a Transparent Supply Chain

Avnet: Transparency is critical to strong partnerships in the global economy.
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Tip: Foster Collaboration to Create Greater Value

Shifting to a collaborative work culture is essential in today’s Information Age.
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5 Steps Toward Reigniting Corporate Entrepreneurship

Turn potential for failure into potential for knowledge and success.
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Fastenal Looks to Vending to Drive Margin Improvements

Company leverages "T" hub facility to improve efficiency.
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General Cable to Layoff 7% of Global Workforce in Restructuring

Plan is expected to save $75 million annually.
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Measuring the Customer Experience

Metrics can help distributors maximize the value they provide customers
Successfully measuring customer satisfaction can improve the customer-distributor relationship. This article examines some of the most popular metrics and discusses how to develop a strong customer feedback program that can help improve the customer relationship. ...
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Making Money with Small Customers

Smaller customers provide big opportunity for the bottom line
There is often a perception in sales that the smallest accounts are not worth the time and effort to obtain the small amount of sales they provide. But a shift in how these customers are ...
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Google Shopping for Suppliers Shuts Down

Google fails to gain traction in the distribution space with e-commerce platform for suppliers.
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