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Distribution Management & Strategy

Business Strategies: Maximizing Risk Opportunity

Too often, the principles that a business is founded upon end up being the limitations preventing it from growing.
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MDM Interview: Operations as a ‘Lever for Innovation’

Methods for business model innovation that embrace risk
Too many companies do not consider operations to be a source for innovation, but this area is ripe for developing innovative strategies for distributors, according to Karan Girotra, co-author of The Risk-Driven Business Model and ...
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Commentary: The Trouble with Rebates

Rebate structures are still driving dysfunctional behavior, making distributors vulnerable. The article addresses how today's rebate structures make individual companies, and in most cases entire channels, more vulnerable in current market conditions. Subscribers should log-in ...
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Who's My Coach? The Changing Role of Sales Managers

Younger sales teams looking for ‘coaches,’ not ‘dictators.’
Baby boomers are retiring, and sales managers are recognizing that their current management styles may not be quite as beneficial as they could be. Adopting a strong philosophy and vision for leading a sales team ...
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The Home Depot Names New CEO

Craig Menear will take on the CEO position beginning Nov. 1, 2014.
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Kimball Midwest Expanding Headquarters Location

The expansion will improve efficiency and help handle growth.
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Haines Opens New Supplies Center

Haines began the new supplies division when it acquired Allied Products in early 2013.
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Kennametal CEO Cardoso to Retire In December

The company's board of directors will consider both internal and external candidates in a search for a successor.
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Tip: Identify Business Gaps for an Effective Acquisition Strategy

Identify business gaps and then prioritize acquisition goals.
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Differentiate to Combat Disintermediation

Distributors focus on customer satisfaction, transparency to prove value
Fear of disintermediation, or manufacturers bypassing distributors to sell directly to end customers, has grown in recent years, with increased adoption of e-commerce making such a move appear more feasible than in the past. As ...
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