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Distribution Management & Strategy

Air Products Creates its Own Solution to Helium Shortage

Industry & specialty gases company opens new helium production facility to offset ongoing shortage.
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Build Competitive Advantage with College Partnerships

Historically, distributors have 'underinvested' in education.
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Commentary: Changing Norms for Building Talent

What worked 20 years ago doesn’t work today
What worked 20 years ago for recruiting and retaining talent doesn’t work today. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access ...
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College Connection: ‘Virtuous Cycle’

Part 1: Benefits of aligning with universities go far beyond recruiting
Advertising in a campus recruiting office or staffing a booth at a college job fair isn’t enough for distributors that hope to successfully recruit the next generation of workers. This article examines how a ...
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The Challenge of Noncompetes

Distributors expand use of restrictive clauses in employment contracts
Noncompetition clauses are gaining traction once again as distributors try to protect the investments they make in employee training and development. But more cases involving these clauses are also making their way into courts ...
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Tip: Work With, Not Against, Millennials

Compromising to meet millennial needs benefits everyone in the workplace.
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Recommended Reading: Communication Mitigates Supply Chain Disruption

Let channel partners know – well in advance – about changes to business systems.
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Tip: Clearly Define Company's Vision for Success

Leaders must implement a "distinct direction" to achieve progress.
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Recommended Reading: Invest in Technology or Get Left Behind

Companies must act now to avoid losing market share to global players
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MDM Interview: Behind Ferguson’s Acquisitive Year

Distributor completed 13 acquisitions during fiscal 2015
Fiscal 2015 was an acquisitive year for HVAC & plumbing distributor Ferguson, Newport News, VA. The distributor more than tripled the number of completed acquisitions it saw in fiscal 2014. CEO Frank Roach recently ...
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