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Distribution Operations Strategy

Commentary: Changing Channels Demand New Models

Market shifts require more than just the “same old, same old”
Distributors and manufacturers trying to address new challenges with the same set of tools that once worked are at risk of eroding profitability and weaker customer relationships. Subscribers should log in below to read ...
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Bring IT Out of the Shadows

Critical department should be strategic, not tactical
Not enough distributors adequately prioritize their information technology departments, but doing so can give them a competitive advantage. This article shows how moving IT from the server room to the boardroom will help improve ...
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Rethinking Rebates

Shifting market requires new approach to old incentives
Rebates play a critical role for the profitability of many distributors. But as the market changes, some manufacturers are rethinking how they incentivize their distributors. This article examines how rebates have shifted and how ...
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Atlas Copco to Launch New Business Area

Vacuum Technique will be the Swedish manufacturer's fifth business area.
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Industry Innovator: Leading from Online

It takes more than e-commerce to reach potential customers and employees
The MDM Industry Innovator award recognizes an individual who is leading change in a changing industry, rather than letting the change lead them. This year’s winner is Jay Amstutz, president of Ohio Power Tool, ...
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Commentary: Don’t Settle for Silver

Legacy and name recognition aren’t enough to take home the gold
Legacy and name recognition aren’t enough to take home the gold, only distributors that put the necessary work into their business will succeed. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a ...
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IoT Poised to Alter Supply Chain

Sensors, automated monitoring create opportunities to enhance relationships
Internet of things is a broad term for a network of connected devices that can automatically communicate with one another. The applications of this new technology are still in the early stages for distribution, ...
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Listen to Customers or Lose Them

Customer experience critical in today’s B2B marketplace
Not enough distributors listen to their customers, and this is a problem in the “era of the customer.” With the rise of Amazon and other unknown disruptors possibly on the horizon, B2B companies must ...
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Tip: Embrace Internet of Things to Become More Embedded with Customers

Sensors and connectivity provide distributors with competitive advantage.
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Plan for Industrial Rent Increase

Distributors can expect more expensive warehouse space on top of increased HR costs.
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