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Distribution Operations Strategy

Making the Case for Mobile

Develop strategy now to meet customers’ demands for mobility
A mobile app might not work for every distributor, but gauge your customers’ demand for it before deciding. This article explores how distributors can use mobile to create a competitive advantage. This article includes: ...
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HD Supply Corrects Supply Chain Issues

Company focuses on removing manual processes in exchange for systemized ones.
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Small Manufacturers Focus on Tactical Applications for Tech

Cost control and reduction are top business challenges
Small manufacturers continue to be focused on using technology for tactical purposes rather than strategic, according to the Small Business Barometer 2016, a new report released by Exact and Pb7 Research. This article includes: ...
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Use Tech to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Small businesses that are slow to adapt may be out of business
The distribution landscape has changed, but small businesses, particularly distributors, are still avoiding investment in new technology to adapt. This article examines the hurdles to investing in technology and how to strategically overcome them. ...
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Tip: Prioritize IT to Grow Bottom Line

View IT as a profit driver rather than a cost center.
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Tip: Rethink the Role of Rebates for Long-Term Growth

Traditional rebate model based on reactivity may not be enough.
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Commentary: Changing Channels Demand New Models

Market shifts require more than just the “same old, same old”
Distributors and manufacturers trying to address new challenges with the same set of tools that once worked are at risk of eroding profitability and weaker customer relationships. Subscribers should log in below to read ...
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Bring IT Out of the Shadows

Critical department should be strategic, not tactical
Not enough distributors adequately prioritize their information technology departments, but doing so can give them a competitive advantage. This article shows how moving IT from the server room to the boardroom will help improve ...
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Rethinking Rebates

Shifting market requires new approach to old incentives
Rebates play a critical role for the profitability of many distributors. But as the market changes, some manufacturers are rethinking how they incentivize their distributors. This article examines how rebates have shifted and how ...
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