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MDM Management Tip of the Week

MDM's editors provide a concise but practical tip each week for wholesale distribution executives based on expert insight in the MDM Archives.

Tip: Assess Cultural Fit for Acquisition Success

Clear communication of values and goals is key to a smooth transition.
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Tip: Establish Internship Programs to Benefit All

Students, distributors and industry as a whole prosper with internships.
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Tip: Make Noncompete Clauses Clear and Specific

Restrictive agreements that are too broad may not hold up in court.
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Tip: Include a Feedback Loop to Assess Sales Success

Sales success hinges on establishing a method of evaluating processes.
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Tip: Start Recruiting Early

Distributors should build awareness of their companies at high school level.
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Tip: Make Procurement Strategic, Not Tactical

Strategic procurement can have a significant positive impact on a distributor's top line.
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Tip: Work With, Not Against, Millennials

Compromising to meet millennial needs benefits everyone in the workplace.
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Tip: Clearly Define Company's Vision for Success

Leaders must implement a "distinct direction" to achieve progress.
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Tip: Don't Delay E-Commerce Pursuit

Distributors should create an e-commerce strategy now or risk getting left behind.
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Tip: Share Plans for Business Systems Changes with Partners

Communicate new system integrations to channel partners to avoid disruptions.
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