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Management Tip of the Week Blog

MDM Management Tip of the Week

MDM's editors provide a concise but practical tip each week for wholesale distribution executives based on expert insight in the MDM Archives.

Tip: Know What Your Customers are Actually Buying

What customers are buying is in many cases not what distributors think they are selling.
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Tip: Use Data You Already Have to Solve Existing Problems

How to maximize benefits from information you already have.
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Tip: Be Transparent with Employees to Retain Top Talent

Successful management of employees can maximize productivity and help retention.
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Tip: Collaborate to Increase Value, Efficiency

Careful planning and clear communication is key to successful collaboration.
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Tip: Tune ERP for Better Strategic Pricing

Technological changes can make the process less manual, more consistent.
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Tip: Do Not Underestimate Due Diligence When Buying or Selling

Focus on a set of go or no-go criteria for a successful acquisition.
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Tip: Be Strategic About Selling, Not Tactical

Sell products and services that have a direct impact on a customer's bottom line.
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Tip: To Keep Customer Service High, Have a Methodical Inventory Plan

Forecasting can be a challenge if distributors include too much information.
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Tip: To Help Your Sales Force, Know What Customers Want

Segmentation, targeting and positioning are key to developing an effective sales strategy.
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