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Management Tip of the Week Blog

MDM Management Tip of the Week

MDM's editors provide a concise but practical tip each week for wholesale distribution executives based on expert insight in the MDM Archives.

Tip: Provide Comprehensive Benefits to Attract Top Talent

Health insurance only bare minimum for today's workforce.
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Tip: Improve Price Change Buy-In by Involving Sales Reps

Price increases will run smoother with better engagement.
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Tip: Navigate Shifting Landscape by Understanding Disruptive Forces

Leverage benefits of innovative systems to better serve customers.
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Top 10 Tips of 2016

List highlights the importance of a strategic sales plan and technology.
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Tip: Be More Price Competitive by Changing Sales Model

Field sales reps are quickly losing their "differentiating value."
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Tip: Boost Your Brand with Social Media

An online presence can be a valuable marketing tool.
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Tip: Foster Relationships with Colleges for Recruiting Success

Ongoing partnerships with university distribution programs are key.
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Tip: Boost E-Commerce Success by Viewing Site as 'Digital Branch'

Understand the effort and investment needed to launch an e-commerce site.
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Tip: Consider Sales Alternatives to Cut Costs

Field sales is often more expensive – and less effective – than other options.
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Tip: Reassess ‘Fading Advantages’ to Uncover New Opportunities

Create a strategy that enables you to quickly adapt to changing market demands.
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