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Management Tip of the Week Blog

MDM Management Tip of the Week

MDM's editors provide a concise but practical tip each week for wholesale distribution executives based on expert insight in the MDM Archives.

Tip: Focus E-Commerce on Customer Needs

Distributors with subpar websites lose customers as well as transactions.
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Tip: Carefully Assess Management During Acquisition

Vetting C-suite and other key personnel critical during due diligence process.
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Tip: Hold Sales Reps Accountable for Price Changes

Set realistic goals and measure the success for better buy-in.
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Tip: Involve HR in Talent Search

Human resources department can be valuable tool for succession planning.
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Tip: Intuitive Knowledge is Key to Analytics Success

Qualitative evaluation of data should be paired with quantitative analysis.
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Tip: Plan for Potential Disasters

Be proactive, not reactive in case of an unplanned supply chain disruption.
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Tip: Alter Leadership Styles to Increase Engagement

Take employee differences into account to promote innovative thinking.
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Tip: Add Reasonable Premiums to Increase Small Customer Profitability

Companies must avoid underpricing accounts with little or no potential growth rates.
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Tip: Use Analytics to Take Control of Pricing

Giving sales reps accurate pricing information can increase profits.
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Tip: Collaborate to Increase Competitive Advantage

Distributors that work together toward a common goal can compete more effectively.
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