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Human Resources Blog

Human Resources

This blog looks at the most important asset in any wholesale distribution company: the people. We provide the best ideas for finding the right people and keeping them.

Recommended Reading: The Importance of Continuous Improvement in Talent

Distributors are creating their own top talent through training.
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Study: Skills Gap Threatens U.S. Manufacturing Growth

Report offers five steps to take to address the skills gap.
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5 Tips for Recruiting & Retaining the Best Employees

Give your human resources plan time and energy to reap rewards from this critical asset.
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Questions I Have Stopped Asking in Job Interviews

John Salveson gives examples of questions that produce canned responses.
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3 Gaps That May Derail Succession Plans

Successful transitions in family businesses are a balancing act between baby boomers and millennials.
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Fastenal to Grow Part-Time Work Force

CEO: Adding part-time support staff frees up sales force for more “aggressive” sales efforts.
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Recommended Reading: How to Get Top Talent’s Attention Early in Their Careers

Distributors address how they stand out from the crowd when recruiting young talent.
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Has ‘Manufacturing’ Become a ‘Dirty Word’?

Kennametal CEO: Manufacturing needs a rebranding.
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What Really Matters When Hiring a Leader?

Leadership is not just about getting results, but about how a leader gets those results.
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What the Next Generation Wants from a Leader

Speaker: Too many leaders fail to see the positive things the next generation brings to the table.
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