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A look at the latest economic and market trends, and their impact on the distribution channel.

Port Dispute Finally Resolved

Sides reach tentative labor agreement, but delays likely for a while.
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Low Oil Prices a Boon for the U.S., Eurozone

PwC forecasts that U.S. industrial and transport sectors could benefit by nearly $300 billion in 2015.
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Construction Forecast Bodes Well for Economy

Eighty percent of construction firms plan to expand in 2015, but hurdles remain.
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High Hopes for Building Materials in 2015

4Q14 MDM-Baird Distribution Survey reveals lofty expectations for sector this year.
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Optimism about Jobs, Wage Growth Hits Highest Levels since 2006

As unemployment declines, competition for qualified workers increases.
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Economic Update: Signs of Strength for 2015

Jobs growth, CEO confidence increased at the end of 2014
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Falling Gas Prices, Port Slowdowns Could Hinder Growth

ISM respondents highlight lingering concerns about continued economic growth.
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Report: U.S. Manufacturing Grows, but So Do Imports

Offshoring of manufacturing still outpacing reshoring.
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Manufacturing Sector Poised for Prosperous 2015

MAPI forecasts production to grow 3.5 percent next year thanks to job gains.
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Tax Policy, Regulatory Issues Hold Back Investment

Regulatory costs biggest cost concern for CEOs in fourth quarter Business Roundtable index.
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