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Case Study: How a Scalable E-Commerce Platform Supports Growth

While the Internet has made it easier for distributors and manufacturers to reach a wider audience, unique challenges arise from being a global business. Is your website available in the local language and currency? Can your system support multiple country-specific brand partner sites? And is your e-commerce platform scalable to support international growth? Read More


The 2015 Mid-Year Economic Update

Halfway through 2015, it’s a good news, bad news economic situation. The turbulence and uncertainty that has defined the long, slow climb out of recession continues to dog the U.S. economy, and with it most wholesale distribution sectors. Read More


The What, Why and How of Digital Transformation for Distributors

Today's buyers and sellers want a comprehensive digital experience. They want one place where they can get all of the information they want and need. Read More


The 2015 State of E-Commerce in Distribution

Customers are demanding more access to information and more functionality online. How are distributors responding? Read More


How to Help Your Sales Team Execute Price Changes Successfully

When it comes to implementing price changes, getting what you actually targeted can be a real struggle. Independent of how much pricing authority sales and customer service reps have, you have to get everyone on board. Read More


2015 Distribution Industry Outlook

After another volatile year, distributors are expressing caution about what may come in 2015, even though 2014 ended on a strong note for many in the industry. But that caution is laced with optimism about the future. Read More


Seven Key Investments Distributors Should Make to Grow Online Revenue

Having an online presence is no longer nice to have, it's a must-have. But determining where to focus energy and investment can be a challenge. Read More


Navigating the Digital Landscape for Distribution

The technology landscape is shifting and changing at a breakneck speed, and for most distributors, leadership is not keeping pace with these changes. Understanding and navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming, especially when you may not have a plan in place to minimize your risk. Read More


Fighting Disintermediation: How Distributors Develop, Deliver and Measure Value

Due to increased industry consolidation, e-commerce, the threat of vertical integration (manufacturers buying distributors) and new business-to-business market entrants such as big-box stores, distributors have had to re-evaluate the value they bring to supply channels. Distributors are under pressure to remain competitive by developing a strategic plan for differentiating their businesses and investing in organizational improvements that span new technologies and processes. Read More


Drive Revenue & Margin through Incentive & Chargeback Programs

Having the right tools in place to manage contracts, incentives and chargeback programs can be the difference between positive and negative operating outcomes for wholesale distributors. But getting the right tools in place can be a significant challenge.

Read More

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