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answer book for CFOs and Controllers

Benchmarks & Best Practices: The Answer Book for Growth-Minded CFOs & Controllers


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What separates the best CFOs and Controllers from the often-maligned 'back-office bean counters'?

The answer: The best financial leaders never stop looking for new ways to contribute to growth. They are not content to rely on decades-old wisdom they learned in business school or from their first job.

Here is a resource for those looking to step up their game. Introducing Benchmarks & Best Practices: The Answer Book for Growth-Minded CFOs & Controllers - an ultra practical idea-guide that gives an inside look at how leading companies are dealing with some of today's toughest financial and business management challenges.

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Many of the rules have changed for CFOs and Controllers. The benchmarks and best practices of the past may not cut it in today's high-tech, overly-regulated and hyper-litigious business world.

In all, the guide answers more than 80 critical questions, including:

  • What can I do to get better input from managers who forecast cash?
  • How can I successfully re-negotiate a deal that has gone bad?
  • Are we a good candidate for e-invoicing?
  • What is the best way to streamline accounts payable?
  • What is the best way to get Sales to help with slowpoke customers?
  • What is an inexpensive way to finance expansion?
  • How can I protect against invasion of privacy lawsuits?
  • How can I make sure we have the right cash reserves?
  • When should I take another look at my 401(k) vendor?
  • How do I approach vendors about performance deficiencies?
  • What can I do to cut down on excessive bank fees?
  • What is the law on administering personality tests during the hiring process?
  • What is a legally safe policy for monitoring employee communications?
  • Why should I consider rolling forecasts?
  • How can we get the full bang for our technology buck?
  • How can I inspire a no-excuses company culture?
  • ... And dozens more.

No impractical theory or ivory-tower rhetoric - just solid, actionable advice to help you overcome common challenges CFOs and Controllers everywhere are struggling with.

Learn what your colleagues and competitors are asking about:

CASH MANAGEMENT - Includes: Improve Forecasting, The Art of Negotiating, Managing Your Cash Flow, and Other Tips & Best Practices

RISK MANAGEMENT - Includes: Disaster Management & Recovery, Employee Risk Issues, and Best Practices Risk Management Tips

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - Includes: Best Practices Financial Management

EMPLOYMENT LAW & PERSONNEL - Includes: Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles, Handling Contracts, Forms & Handbooks, Crafting Employee Conduct Policies, and Best Practices Law & Personnel

BENCHMARKS & BEST PRACTICES - Includes: Winning Financial Practices, Winning People Practices, and Winning Operations Practices

LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT - Includes: Secrets of Employee Motivation, and Defusing Employee Problems

This idea-packed reference tool is a must for any financial manager serious about growing the business.

And remember, your purchase is backed with our 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

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