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MDM Islands of Profit Webcast Series: How to Lead a Profitability Turnaround

How to Lead a Profitability Turnaround w/Jonathan Byrnes - DVD

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This DVD webcast is hosted by Jonathan L.S. Byrnes , author of Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink and a Senior Lecturer at MIT, is an acknowledged authority on profitability management. His extensive experience spans virtually every industry, including healthcare, transportation, software, retail, financial services, distribution and others.

This webcast is first in a four-part quarterly series with MDM. Get the full series on DVD for just $99.

If you prefer a downloadable digital copy, please email us at: Please allow up to 3 business days for processing. This option is highly recommended for international orders.

Topics covered in this 60-minute DVD include:

  • The profitability opportunity you're missing
  • Why now?
  • Barriers to change (and how to overcome them)
  • Four steps to success in profitability turnarounds
  • Transformational leadership

Byrnes has found in leading companies that nearly 40 percent of any business in any industry is unprofitable, and 20-30 percent is so profitable it subsidizes the rest of the business. "The basic marchingorders to the sales force to maximize revenues aren't right anymore," Byrnes says. "And that has led to this astonishing pattern of profitability."

How can this be fixed? Profitability turnarounds are not particularly difficult, according to Byrnes. With the right information, priorities, processes and compensation, distributors can gain results quickly and institute a culture of profitability throughout their organizations.

"Get past the fallacy that you have to call for a massive reorganization," Byrnes says. "The process of change is much more like deciding to get healthy by eating good food and going to the health club. In a few months you will see an enormous difference. The upside often is a 30+ percent profit increase.”

This program is also available to watch on-demand on your computer. The on-demand program is sponsored by Epicor.

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