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MDM Special Report: Sharing Point-of-Sale Data

MDM Special Report: Sharing Point-of-Sale Data - Challenges and Opportunities


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Details: 8p, 2 articles

This two-part special report, published in 2012 in MDM Premium, examines the practice of sharing point-of-sale data between distributor and manufacturer. The report is based on results from an MDM survey on POS as well as interviews with distributors, manufacturers and industry channel management experts.

Part 1: POS - An Exercise in Trust
In part 1 of this report, MDM Editor Lindsay Konzak looked at the hurdles to a broader acceptance of customer data-sharing in independent distribution channels and how those hurdles may be holding channel partners back from higher profitability due to greater transparency. Obstacles include distrust, a resource gap for both distributors and manufacturers and distributor-manufacturer market misalignment.

Part 2: The Untapped Potential of POS
In part 2, Konzak examined opportunities for distributors and manufacturers to use point-of-sale data more strategically to identify and capitalize on opportunities in their markets. This article also discusses the biggest constraint to capitalizing on POS: It requires a large investment in technology, culture and collaboration to do it correctly.

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