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MDM Premium: May 10, 2012 - feat. What Means for Independent Distributors


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Table of Contents:

  • Analysis of's Potential Impact on Independent Distributors- recently launched, a B-to-B website with more than 500,000 products across 14 categories in industrial and lab supplies. This article, with input from distributors, manufacturers, service providers and industry consultants, examines the potential impact of Amazon’s move into industrial markets. MDM also outlines the next steps for distributors looking to compete more effectively in an increasingly crowded market.
  • Uncover Unexpected Cross-Selling Opportunities- Customers segment distributors much like distributors segment customers. Because of this, customers don’t typically think beyond the products they already buy from you. This article examines how distributors can expand what they sell to existing customers by uncovering unexpected cross-selling opportunities in their transaction data.
  • Commentary - Get Past Price: Learn & Capitalize On What Really Matters to Customers - We often hear distributors complain that no matter how many times they communicate to customers that they are the better partner, lowering costs and improving productivity for the end-user, the selling decision always comes down to price. These claims have grown louder in the wake of Amazon's launch of its online industrial platform
  • Speaker: Channel Partnerships Are Key to Sustaining Advantage Against Competitors with Scale
  • Sell More to Customers by Asking the Right Questions
  • News Digest
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