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2012 Wholesale Distribution Industry Landscape Report

The 2012 Wholesale Distribution Industry Landscape Report


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Details: 35 pages

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This report is for anyone seeking a better understanding of the drivers of the $4.7 trillion wholesale distribution industry. This comprehensive report provides an overview of 2012 distribution trends, the largest distributors in each sector, sector market-size estimates, market share estimates for the Top 40 industrial distributors and more.

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Table of Contents

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appeared in MDM Premium.

Introduction and Overview

  • ** Graphic: Wholesale Distribution Industry Actual Revenue Growth, 2004-2011
  • ** Graphic: Wholesale Distribution Industry Major Sector Actual Revenue Growth + Forecast Growth for 2012

2012 Distribution Trends

  • Article: Wave of Consolidation Hits Industry
  • Article: Vending Explodes as a Service
  • Article: Distributors, Customers Put Inventory Under the Microscope
  • ** Graphic: Wholesale Distribution Industry Inventory-to-Sales Ratio, 2004-2011
  • Article: Distributors Looking to Hire Face Challenges
  • ** Graphic: Wholesale Distribution Industry Employment Growth, 2004-2011
  • Article: Distributors Leverage Online Tools
  • Article: Other Distribution Trends in 2012

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Distribution Sector Breakouts and Top Distributors

  • ** Graphic: Estimated market share of the 5 largest industrial distributors (combined revenues) (View Sample)
  • ** Graphic: Estimated market share of the 40 largest industrial distributors (combined revenues) (View Sample)
  • For industrial sector, details on the Top 10 industrial distributors
  • ** Graphic: Industrial Distributor Actual Revenue Growth, 2008-2011 (View Sample)
  • Article: Amazon's Impact on the Industrial Sector
  • Largest distributors in each sector (View Sample)
  • Trends by each sector (View Sample)
  • ** End-market size estimates for each sector for U.S., Canada and Mexico (excluding building materials/construction) (View Sample)
  • ** End-market size estimate by U.S. region (excluding building materials/construction) (View Sample)
  • ** Top 10 end-markets consuming each product group in the U.S. (excluding building materials/construction) (View Sample)

Other Players in Wholesale Distribution

  • Article: Integrated Supply: Refining the Model
  • Article: Buying and Marketing Groups: Broadening the Value They Provide
  • Article: Associations: Competing for Mind Share
  • Article: Master Distributors: A Growing Role, Post-Recession

Sectors covered in this report

  • Industrial
  • Power Transmission/Bearings
  • Hose & Accessories
  • Fluid Power
  • Industrial PVF
  • Safety
  • Electrical
  • Building Materials/Construction (trends/list of distributors only - no market size)
  • HVACR/Plumbing
  • Gases/Welding Equipment
  • Plastics
  • Electronics

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