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Islands of Profit Webcast Series: A Businesswide Approach to Improving Profitability

MDM Islands of Profit Webcast Series: A Businesswide Approach to Improving Profitability (6-in-1 DVD Set)

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Jonathan L.S. ByrnesJonathan L.S. Byrnes presented a series of MDM Webcasts called the Islands of Profit Webcast Series.

You can now get all six 60-minute webcasts on one DVD for just $117, saving you 50% off the price if you bought all six DVDs separately.

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Jonathan L.S. Byrnes, author of Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink and a Senior Lecturer at MIT, is an acknowledged authority on profitability management. His extensive experience spans virtually every industry, including healthcare, transportation, software, retail, financial services, distribution and others.

In this series of webcasts – available exclusively from MDM – he shows how you can start reversing the trend that 40 percent of any business in any industry is unprofitable. Each of the six parts is available to view free on-demand using the links below. Or you can order the entire series on DVD to easily share with your entire management team.

"The basic marching orders to the sales force to maximize revenues aren't right anymore," Byrnes says. "And that has led to this astonishing pattern of profitability."

Part 1: Leading for Profit: How to Lead a Profitability Turnaround

  • The profitability opportunity you're missing
  • Why now?
  • Barriers to change (and how to overcome them)
  • Four steps to success in profitability turnarounds
  • Transformational leadership

Part 2: Operating for Profit: The Coming Revolution in Supply Chain Finance

  • The impact of a paradigmatic shift in supply chain finance on distributor financial performance
  • Creating teams throughout the company that can take full advantage of the profit opportunities in your supply chain
  • Building a culture that embraces this kind of thinking

Part 3: Selling for Profit: Maximize Profitability Through Targeted Market Development

  • Why selling for profit is a major new opportunity
  • How to codify best practices in your sales force
  • Why matching relationships to accounts is critical
  • The art (and science) of account development
  • Selling into account potential
  • The role of transformational leadership

Part 4: Managing for Profit: How to Ensure Your Profit Initiatives Don't Fall Short

  • How a manager can lead change
  • How to create change in a customer or supplier
  • Why managers don't manage at the right level, and how that affects profitability
  • How managers can match change techniques to the right situations
  • The most effective ways to develop a great middle management team

Part 5: Accelerate Profitability through Transformative Customer Service

  • How to transform your customer service to lock in and grow your most profitable customers, while reducing your own costs
  • How to develop cost-efficient customer service to your other customers to make them profitable again
  • How to sell your customers on the win-win opportunities and measure the benefits
  • How really successful companies have managed the changes

Part 6: Secure & Grow Your Islands of Profit Customers

  • How tolock in and grow your most profitable customers, while reducing your own costs
  • How to sell the most profitable products to the most profitable customers to get the ultimate profit increases
  • How to match your sales and marketing resources to your best profit and growth opportunities
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