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2013 Wholesale Distribution Economic Trends Report: Beer, Wine & Liquor Sector

2013 Wholesale Distribution Economic Trends Report: Beer, Wine & Liquor Sector


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This report is the best source for accurate statistics on this sector, including segment and overall industry revenue trends, inventory levels, 2013 sales forecast, trends and other critical benchmark data on Beer, Wine & Liquor distribution.

This report is produced by Modern Distribution Management, which has been researching and reporting on the wholesale distribution industry since 1967. MDM has used that experience to ensure an accurate and comprehensive picture of the beer, wine & liquor distribution segment in this report.

For questions about this report, please call Editor Lindsay Konzak @ 1-888-742-5060 Ext. 112.

Who Should Use This Report?

Executives who manage, sell to or invest in a wholesale distribution company in the beer, wine & liquor sector need this annual report to stay on top of key economic and market trends for beer, wine & liquor distributors.

3 Ways to Use This Report:

  1. Plan strategically for the year ahead with accurate current and forward-looking data on your wholesale distribution line of trade.
  2. Benchmark your performance. Learn how much sales and sales per employee have changed in your line of trade; how much weekly earnings have changed; which distribution niches are producing the highest (and lowest) gross margins; and how many companies are competing in each of these niches. You'll see how sales, employment, and inventories have fared in your line, quarter-by-quarter.
  3. Gain an advantage over your competitors by better understanding where higher-margin opportunities exist in your line of wholesale distribution.

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Data Included in this Report

For Industry:

  1. Trend Data – Revenues, Inventories, Inventory-to-Sales Ratio, Total Employment, Average Annual Revenues per Employee and Average Weekly Earnings
  2. Sector Summary – 2012 Revenues, Percent of Industry Revenues, No. of Companies and Average Gross Margin (2011)
  3. Summary Trend Data - 2012 Actual Revenues, 2012 Real Revenues, Revenue Gap and 2012 Q4 Employment, in Percent Change vs. Previous Year
  4. Revenue Forecast Summary - 2012 Actual, 2013 Forecast, 2013 vs. 2012, in Percent Change in Revenues vs. Previous Year
  5. Sector Growth vs. U.S. GDP Growth - 2000: Q1 to 2012:Q4
  6. Employment Size Distribution of Wholesale Distribution Companies
  7. Actual Revenue Growth – Quarterly 2005 to Present
  8. Real Revenue Growth – Quarterly 2005 to Present
  9. Employment Growth – Quarterly 2005 to Present
  10. Inventory-to-Sales Ratio – 3-Month Moving Average with Trendline

Additional Sector-Specific Data:

  1. Sub-Sector Summary - Estimated 2012 Revenues, Percent of Sector Revenues, No. of Companies and No. of Branches
  2. Sub-Sector Summary Statistics - Average Sales per Company, Average Sales per Branch, Average Sales per Employee and Average Gross Margin (2011)
  3. Share of Revenue by End-Customer Market

Segments Covered in this Report:

  • Beer and Ale
  • Wine and Distrilled Alcoholic Beverages

What Others Say about this Report

"These reports are the best source of information I've seen to get a quick snapshot of where a particular wholesaler-distributor stands relative to peers and to other wholesaler-distributors in other sub-sectors."

- Jim Miller, Managing Director, Supply Chain Equity Partners

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Beer, Wine & Liquor
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