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Fastenal Sales Up 2.4% in 2016

Number of vending machines grows, while employee and store counts decline.
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Top 10 Most-Read Blogs of 2016

Top distributors' successes and stumbles dominate this year's list.
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Fastenal November Sales Increase 6.3%

Sales to manufacturing customers increased 1.3 percent.
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Fastenal October Sales Decrease 0.8%

Sales to manufacturing customers increased 3.6 percent.
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Labor Rules Lead to Fastenal Closures

Onsite signings on pace to more than double 2015 signings.
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Fastenal Sales Up 1.8% in 3Q

September sales up 2.8 percent year-over-year.
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Fastenal August Sales Increase 9.9%

Sales to manufacturing customers decreased 0.2 percent.
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Fastenal July Sales Decrease 7.2%

Sales to manufacturing customers improve 1 percent.
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Fastenal Builds Momentum with On-Site Stores

More shops within customer facilities helps distributor increase engagement.
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Fastenal Sales Up 1.6% in 2Q

June sales unchanged year-over-year.
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