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Amazon from Above?

"Flying warehouse" concept another example of continuous innovation.
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Amazon's Newest Disruptions

Latest threats include convenience store model, supply chain positioning.
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Recommended Reading: What is Amazon Planning in 2016?

Retail giant ramping up competition with FedEx, UPS and Alibaba.
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Top 5 MDM Articles from 2015

E-commerce & acquisitions front of mind for readers in 2015.
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Top 10 Most-Read Blogs of 2015

Most popular blogs dominated by Amazon, e-commerce.
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MDM Premium Extra: The Impact of Amazon

To thank you for your business and add value to your MDM Premium subscription, MDM offers bonus content each month exclusively to premium subscribers. This month we feature a bonus article on Amazon's impact on ...
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Amazon's Data-Driven Brick-and-Mortar

Use online data to help manage local inventories.
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Amazon to Open Corporate Office in Detroit

The online retailer also announced plans to expand early next year.
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Can Amazon 'Uber' Distributors?

Online company continues bringing chaos to traditional commerce.
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Recommended Reading: Amazon Business Open to Distributors

Retail giant's online marketplace gives companies e-commerce channel.
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