Wolseley Expands in U.S. Fire Protection Market

Wolseley plc, UK-based distributor of plumbing and heating products to professional contractors and a supplier of building materials, announced two bolt-on acquisitions for an aggregate consideration of 9 million pounds Sterling (US$18.72M). In a full year, these bolt on acquisitions are expected to add approximately 14 million pounds (US$29M) to total revenue.
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Since the beginning of the financial year on Aug. 1, 2006, a total of 43 bolt-on acquisitions in Europe and North America have been completed. These 43 acquisitions are expected to add 671 million pounds (US$1.4B) to Group revenue in a full year.
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North America
On July 30, 2007, Ferguson acquired Fire Fab Inc. Fire Fab is a distributor and fabricator of fire safety and suppression ...