Day: April 6, 2009

Provisions in Stimulus Package Make Government Spending Plans More Transparent

Though not perfect, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - better know as the stimulus package - may provide some great opportunities for distributors, according to Dr. Adam Fein of Pembroke Consulting.
In his recent MDM Webcast, sponsored by Infor, Fein identified more than $200 billion included in the bill that could directly impact distributors. The key: knowing where to look, Fein says. And, provisions in the stimulus package may make that easier than you thought.
The requirement is that the use of all the funds is transparent to the public, and the public benefits of these funds are reported clearly, accurately and in a timely manner," Fein said during the Webcast. ...

Bain Survey Sees Spike in Plans to Downsize

Bain & Company's just-released Management Tools & Trends survey says that 59 percent of executives interviewed globally plan to downsize in 2009; this is unsurprisingly up from 2008. Just 37 percent said they did not downsize in 2008 nor plan to in 2009.
An overview:

  • 71 percent think that government regulation of business will increase over the next five years.
    77 percent of North American respondents think that this will be the case
  • 71 percent feel that the current downturn will change consumer behaviors for at least three years 70 percent are very concerned about meeting growth targets in 2009.
  • 64 percent are planning for a downturn that will last at least ...

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance Releases 2009 Catalog

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, San Diego, CA, a distributor of maintenance products and operating supplies to the multifamily industry, released its 2009 catalog with 20,000 stocked maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) products, including 2,800 new items. The catalog 1,600 page catalog is also available at in a fully searchable electronic format.
Now more than ever in these tough economic times, our customers are looking to us to provide them with choices, said Anesa Chaibi, president of HD Supply Facilities Maintenance.
New listings in the 2009 catalog include metal halide fixtures that meet the Federal Energy Independence & Security Act and the most commonly used products in compliance with the Virginia Graeme ...