July 8, 2009 - Modern Distribution Management

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July 8, 2009

Jury Finds For Schneider Electric In Counterfeit Case

A jury in Indiana has found Breakers Unlimited, Noblesville, Ind., guilty of purchasing and selling counterfeit Square D circuit breakers. Schneider Electric - the parent company of Square D - filed the lawsuit in June 2007.

The amount of damages to be awarded and the scope of an injunction restricting Breakers Unlimited's continued involvement in the market where counterfeit circuit breakers are bought and sold have yet to be decided by the court.

"Distributors, electrical contractors and users need to be aware that there are hidden and potentially deadly hazards associated with counterfeit circuit breakers," said Jim Pauley, vice president of industry and government relations at Schneider Electric.

During the course of the lawsuit, Schneider Electric discovered that Breakers ...

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance Launches New Commercial Catalog

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, San Diego, CA, released its new Commercial Product Line Catalog, featuring more than 3,000 products for use in mid and high-rise buildings.

"Commercial product expansion is one of our key initiatives for 2009," said Robin Soehl, vice president, marketing and business development. "During these challenging economic times, our customers are looking to reduce the number of suppliers they do business with to streamline their purchasing process. The stocking of these products enhances our 'one-stop shop' value proposition."

The product expansion and new catalog was created to better serve the unique needs of customers with mid and high-rise buildings as well as customers with a need for commercial grade products. The catalog features an expanded ...

Square D’s Long Fight Against Counterfeits

Schneider Electric won a recent court case against Breakers Unlimited, a Noblesville, IN-based business that purchased counterfeitSquare D products in 2005 and 2006 for resale. Schneider, the parent company of Square D,spoke with MDM in February 2008 about its long fight against counterfeits of its brand. This recent win by Square D is from just one of many lawsuits it has filed to protect its brand. An excerpt from the February 2008 MDM article:

"Counterfeiters had taken their own products and slapped fake Square D labels on them. Historically, counterfeits have been easy to detect. But the counterfeiters have grown more sophisticated, making it more difficult to name a ...

Crystal Ball Still Foggy On the Economy

Though ambiguity still rules the economic future, a consensus is forming that recovery will be a long, slow process. Experts from academia to governments are doing their best to clear the fog in their crystal balls but few hard and fast answers can be found.

That said, there are some interesting insights appearing. In a recent interview with Knowledge@Wharton, Jeremy Siegel, a finance professor at Wharton, noted that demand in several sectors is starting to show signs of increasing.

But don't expect a huge jump in the near future, Siegel advises. Industries like housing and automotive have been battered. So even though we've likely hit the bottom - Siegel expects May, June or July to be declared the official bottom - we still have a long way to climb before we can say things are ...

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