Day: July 25, 2010

2Q Survey: Uncertainty Looms

Robert W. Baird & Co. in partnership with Modern Distribution Management, conducted a survey of more than 750 distributors and manufacturers to gauge business trends and the outlook for the distribution industry in diverse sectors.

On average, respondents to the latest quarterly MDM/Baird survey said second-quarter revenues were up 7.8 percent.

While there has been some improvement, most respondents still feel uncertain about the economy. "The economy is relatively difficult to …

Distribution Financial Metrics and Trading Multiples: 2Q 2010

This table highlights key financial metrics and trading multiples for 25 publicly traded distributors in the industrial and building products industries up to June 30, 2010. Download this data below. Also find graphic illustrating median EBIDTA multiples for the same distribution companies.

These materials, prepared by Robert W. Baird & Co. for MDM, are for informational purposes only.

Strategic Pricing & Your Sales Team

This is an exclusive summary of Part 2 of the recent MDM Webcasts strategic pricing series, "How to Implement Strategic Pricing with Your Sales Team."

The theory behind strategic pricing is simple – streamlining the pricing process to identify and eliminate outliers. But implementation can be difficult, especially if you neglect to include your sales team in the conversation, according to Brent Grover, managing partner at Evergreen Consulting.

"You really cannot have an adult conversation about pricing if you're not going to talk about the salespeople," Grover said in the recent MDM Webcast, "How to Implement Strategic Pricing with Your Sales Team," part of a two-part series available at …

Second Quarter 2010 Inflation by Commodity Group

These select product groups provide a snapshot of inflation trends based on the Producer Price Index from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Second quarter 2010 is compared with second quarter 2009, and first quarter 2010 with second quarter 2010. To access, premium subscribers should ensure they are logged-in to download the pdf below.

The product groups in this report:
Adhesives & Sealants
Cutting Tools & Accessories
Hand & Edge Tools
Power-Driven Hand Tools
Ball & Roller Bearings
Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
Valves, Except Fluid Power
Pumps, Compressors & Equipment
Electrical Machinery/Equipment
Industrial Material Handling Equipment
Industrial Gases
Welding Machinery/Equipment
Fluid Power Equipment
Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings
Sanitary Paper Products
Plastic Resins & Materials
Specialty Cleaning, Polish & Sanitary Products
Industrial Safety Equipment
Softwood Lumber
Metal-Forming Machine Tools
Metal-Cutting Machine Tools
Hardboard, Particleboard, Fiberboard Products
Hardwood Lumber
General Millwork
Construction Products from Plastics
Gypsum Products
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment
Tools, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Industrial Molds
Fluid Power Valves

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