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7 Minutes With… : A Year of Insights

We began our Executive Briefing project one year ago with the goal of providing our readers with analysis of hot topics from leading industry experts and insiders. The 7 Minutes With ... feature of the free monthly podcast provided some of the most interesting insight, as distribution executives addressed topics from dealing with the recession and trends in end-markets to plans for acquisitions and other growth opportunities.

This pdf contains the transcripts of the first year of 7 Minutes With ... You can watch the interviews on-demand at

Womack’s Priority: Company Culture

Womack Machine Supply’s plans for rapid growth may mean the company’s traditionally close culture will change over time. CEO Mike Rowlett decided he wanted to work to make sure Womack remained a positive place to work despite its growth. He appointed a Vice President of Culture and pushed forward initiatives to make culture a more formal part of the distributor’s plans.

Company Profile

Company: Womack Machine Supply
Headquarters: Farmers Branch, TX
Leadership: CEO Mike Rowlett, President Art Kostaras
2010 Revenues: $134 million, up 7.2%
Details: Womack Machine Supply is an industrial distributor of supplies and components for hydraulic, pneumatic and automation control systems. It is No. 36 on MDMs list of the Top 40 Industrial Distributors.

Near his office sits one of CEO Mike Rowlett’s most important pieces of office equipment: an ice cream machine, which he purchased when he bought …

Executives’ Top Concern in 2011: People

Over the past year, MDM Editor Lindsay Konzak and Associate Editor Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier spoke with several distribution executives to find out what keeps them awake at night. The question was part of “7 Minutes With …” executive interviews, a regular feature on MDM’s free monthly Executive Briefing webcast available at The first year of programming is now available on DVD at

This article provides a summary of how distribution executives at large and small companies including HD Supply, MSC Industrial Supply, Airgas and Lawson Products answered.

Over the past year, the economy has dominated headlines, and uncertainty continues to be the main message. But for most of the 12 distribution executives who participated in MDM’s 7 Minutes With… audio interview feature in the past year, the top issue wasn’t the economy; it was …

Emerging Technologies Series: Business Intelligence Tools Provide Actionable Data

This is the fourth article in MDM’s Emerging Technologies Series. This article examines trends in business intelligence and how distributors are using these tools to get smarter about sales, marketing and overall strategy.

Full Emerging Technologies Series is available here.

Distributors have questions, and many are looking to business intelligence technology tools to get the answers.

  • Why are customers unprofitable?
  • How can we work more closely with vendors to reduce costs?
  • Why was margin off this quarter?
  • Which salesperson is contributing most to Gross Profit? Least?

Data from the past is helping them gain a better understanding of trends to help improve the future.

“It’s more than just pulling the data out and viewing it,” says Kelly Squizzero, director of product management for Infor Distribution. “It’s being able to …