The 2020 Mid-Year Economic Update_long

Day: July 10, 2012

Distributors Looking to Hire Face Challenges

As the economy continues to improve and sales start to increase, distributors are finding themselves in the position of needing to hire again. But even with the high overall unemployment rate across the country finding the right people to fill open positions remains a challenge.

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Commentary: M&A Markets for Industrial Distribution Strengthen

Merger and acquisition activity in wholesale distribution has rebounded strongly from the 2008-2009 meltdown of financial markets and recession, based on the data and perspectives of our panelists in MDM’s industry M&A update webcast at the end of June. In spite of signs of economic turbulence in the second quarter, overall conditions are favorable for strong M&A activity through 2012.

There may be increased consolidation activity, but we still have a highly fragmented and competitive balance between...

MDM Interview: Services Drive Growth for Valin

Services make up more than a third of Sunnyvale, CA-based industrial distributor Valin’s revenue, up from just 5 percent five years ago. That growth has been no accident. Valin CEO Joseph Nettemeyer spoke with MDM Editor Lindsay Konzak about the distributor’s strategic approach to fee-based services and the culture shift that has gone along with that.

MDM: How are things going for you this year?

Joseph Nettemeyer: We were up 19 percent in the first quarter. I’m trying to get my hands around...