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NetSuite was founded in 1998 as the first cloud company. Twenty years later, NetSuite now has over 16,000 customers. Their business management suite functionality includes ERP, financials, CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, ecommerce and more – all on the same cloud platform. NetSuite supports organizations all of sizes, from emerging companies to some of the largest global enterprises. NetSuite remains the fastest growing financial management platform in the world. 

Their proven, reliable and scalable success is what caught the attention of Oracle and led to their acquisition back in late 2016. NetSuite continues to thrive within Oracle – adding 3,000 additional logos last year with customers in over 203 countries and territories. 


Webcast: 6 Keys to a Successful ERP Software Selection

In the search for new enterprise research planning software, distributors can increase their long-term success with the product by starting with a known set of selection criteria that are proven to guide you toward the right decision for your company’s needs. Join industry veteran MDM’s John Gunderson for this hour-long webcast as he outlines best practices in ERP functionality, implementation, support, development, financial viability and technology. 

Watch the webcast here!

How Small(er) Distributors Can Gain Marketshare Online

Nearly 270 industry leaders—distributors, manufacturers and service providers—participated in a September, 2019 MDM survey on strategies for small distributors. This survey revealed a number of challenges facing smaller firms as they compete in an evolving marketplace. These challenges include resource limitations, changing customer expectations and evolving marketplace technologies. This white paper summarizes these survey results, discusses the findings and offers recommendations for moving forward. 




Managing Online vs Offline Pricing How Distributors are Managing Online vs. Offline Pricing Challenges

Nearly 250 industry leaders — distributors, manufacturers and service providers — completed MDM’s survey on pricing practices. The responses revealed a lack of consistency and direction concerning online sales strategies. Although customers are increasingly demanding it, some industry players appear reluctant to adapt historical sales and pricing practices to a digital environment. Download the white paper to read more about the results, conclusions and recommendations.



Webcast: Reshape the Distributor-Manufacturer Relationship in 2020

This MDM Webcast outlines what it means to be an effective channel partner as technology developments continue to reshape the manufacturer/distributor relationship.  READ MORE


Strengthening the Distributor...CoverStrengthening the Distributor-Manufacturer Relationship

What does it mean to choose a channel partner in the digital age? As technical capabilities improve, distributors and manufacturers need to work closer together than ever before to integrate systems and master customer needs. These five key areas are essential to ensuring a strong, mutually beneficial working partnership.





Webcast: How Small Distributors Can Succeed Online

We will review exclusive MDM market research to understand the pain points, knowledge gaps and frustrations that $100-million and below distributors face as they attempt to build digital capabilities that are comparable to those of large distributors. READ MORE

outlookforwholesaledistribution2019 2019 Outlook for Wholesale Distribution

MDM provides an outlook of the state of the distribution industry based on reader surveys and data collection in partnership with Oracle NetSuite. This white paper includes the growth outlook, top concerns, pain points, plans for building revenue and cutting costs and technology plans for 2019. 




MDM 2019 Top Distributors 2019 Top Distributors List

This year's free edition of MDM's annual ranking of the top 150+ profiles North American industrial and construction product distributors across 16 product sectors. This is the tenth year MDM has profiled the size and shape of these markets. We've expanded the list this year to more accurately capture the largest suppliers of an incredibly diverse and fragmented product portfolio of MRO, production and consumable products (OEM products excluded).