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PROS mission is to help people and companies outperform by enabling smarter selling in the digital economy. We’ve developed our predictive and prescriptive guidance over decades of testing in complex, real-world business cases, and our team of experts represent the industry’s best.


Spotlight Video: Transformation 2020: Improve Your Online Pricing

The ability to price online effectively has never been more important now that your outside sales team can’t make face-to-face customer calls. This Spotlight video outlines the process to create relevant pricing for current customers for a seamless pricing experience, as well as competitive pricing for non-account customers to capture as many orders as possible. John Gunderson, VP Sales, Analytics & E-Business at MDM, sits down with Richard Blatcher, Director, Industry Marketing & Business Intelligence at PROS, to discuss the critical need for manufacturers and distributors to improve their online pricing strategy for today’s market conditions. Join John Gunderson and PROS on Aug. 31, 2020 in Chicago for the MDM Margin & Pricing Workshop, to dive deeper into this topic and much more to build a more efficient and productive sales process. The workshop kicks-off MDM's Sales GPS Conference, Aug. 31 - Sept. 2, 2020. Visit salesgps.mdm.com to register!

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Managing Online vs Offline Pricing How Distributors are Managing Online vs. Offline Pricing Challenges

Nearly 250 industry leaders — distributors, manufacturers and service providers — completed MDM’s survey on pricing practices. The responses revealed a lack of consistency and direction concerning online sales strategies. Although customers are increasingly demanding it, some industry players appear reluctant to adapt historical sales and pricing practices to a digital environment. Download the white paper to read more about the results, conclusions and recommendations.



Webcast: How Distributors are Managing Online vs. Offline Pricing Challenges

As customers increasingly rely on distributor websites for customer data and purchasing, it’s becoming more difficult to manage pricing between channels. MDM recently conducted a survey of distributors to get their experiences and opinions on these issues and others.  READ MORE


How Distributors Can Close the Gap with Amazon Business COVER How Distributors Can Close the Gap with Amazon Business

Amazon Business has not only changed the rules for customer expectations on price and purchasing options, they’ve rewritten the book on how distributors of all sizes, across all product sectors, compete in the future. Distributors need to map out a plan to invest in the technology and the strategic capabilities that will help them engage and retain customers, even as Amazon Business grows at exponential rates globally and other digital disruptors and traditional competitors quickly advance their value propositions. 




The Future of AI in Distribution COVER The Future of AI in Distribution: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Implications for Distributors

This report defines these technologies and how leading companies are using them so that executives understand both the promises of AI and the threat posed by competitors who use it well. In this analysis, we will cover a wide range of technology topics, and we will start by defining and explaining some terms that may be new to you.