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Car wash equipment distributor builds unique vertical niche

February 10, 2004
Take care of the customer and the rest will come. That's one of the keys that Sonny's Enterprises found to differentiate in a competitive industry. The company's execution of that principle is a rare lesson in creating a bulletproof vertical market position. Sonny's is a manufacturer of car wash systems and equipment, as well as a distributor of parts, supplies, accessories, and detailing products for the carwash industry.

'We are positioned and ready before the customer knows what he wants,' says Paul Fazio, president of Sonny's Enterprises Inc., Tamarac, FL. That's a tall statement for any company to make, but this one has the industry roots, wings and results to make it stick.

The founder of Sonny's was a car wash operator for 29 years before entering the distribution and '

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