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How to Adapt Sales to a New Reality

Current conditions demand a new approach to the old model

August 10, 2010
The latest recession has introduced a new buzzword: the “new normal.” In this uncertain environment, how distributors have traditionally done business has been challenged, including the sales process.

“The key thing here is that the old distribution sales model broke back in the 90s,” says Mike Marks, managing partner at Indian River Consulting Group. “Asset and economic bubbles just hid it until now.”

Marks, along with partners Steve Deist and Mike Emerson, provided suggestions for improving your sales team in a recent MDM Webcast, “Understanding Territory Coverage Economics,” part one of a three-part series available at This article is an exclusive summary for subscribers.

How does a distributor adapt to the new reality? A good starting point, according to Marks, is by looking more closely at your current sales structure.

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