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Grainger Leverages Global Network

Grainger outlines how it's improving local service with global tools

November 25, 2010

Facilities maintenance distributor W.W. Grainger, Chicago, IL, with more than $6.2 billion in sales last year, held its annual analyst meeting this month. This article provides an overview of the key talking points during the meeting, including Grainger's strategic focus locally and globally, its supply chain improvements and its approach to product expansion.

Details in this article were taken from Grainger's annual analyst meeting webcast, available at

Leveraging its global infrastructure, both in supply chain improvements and by transferring best practices across borders, was a constant theme in Grainger's executive presentations at its annual analyst meeting this month.

In fact, President and CEO Jim Ryan said that Grainger is increasingly thinking of itself as a global supplier. As much as 25 percent of the business is with large companies that are expanding or have expanded internationally. "If you are a supplier …

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