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2011 Economic Forecast: Expect a Modest Recovery

An exclusive summary of the latest MDM Webcast

January 10, 2011
This is an exclusive summary of the MDM Webcast, the 2011 Economic Forecast. The recent webcast provided a forecast for two key distributor end-markets, construction and manufacturing. Growth is expected in both. The webcast is available on DVD at

For many, this recovery has not felt like what most expected when the recession ended.

“The economy’s grown over the past five quarters, but not at a rate that gives somebody a feeling of a real recovery,” said Don Norman, economist for MAPI/Manufacturers Alliance in the recent MDM Webcast, the 2011 Economic Forecast.

“In fact, the pace of recovery is somewhat of an anomaly. Sharp recessions in the post-World War II period have usually been accompanied by a very sharp recovery. The difference this time is the nature of the cause.

“Namely we had a financial crisis.”

Norman, in his forecast for the manufacturing sector, says he expects a modest recovery in 2011.

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