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Best Practice Case Study: Flexible Steel Lacing Company

Work with Me to Improve Efficiencies

August 10, 2005

Who: Tom Wujek, vice president, sales and operations, Flexible Steel Lacing Company (Downers Grove, IL)

Company Snapshot

  • Six production facilities worldwide, three in North America
  • 500 employees
  • Key products: Mechanical conveyer belts fasteners, conveyor belt cleaners, tracking devices, pulley lagging and controlled flowed transfer chutes

Improving efficiencies is all about reducing cycle time in everything we do internally. For the distributor, this translates into quick shipment turnaround.

Our distributors are more demanding today. They don't want to carry inventory on their shelves if they don't need to, but lower inventory levels mean they want product quickly when their customers need it. ...

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