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Grainger Goes Mobile: What It Means

How Grainger's new mobile app highlights broader industry trend

September 10, 2012

Grainger wasn’t the first distributor to introduce a mobile app, but the app it recently launched is arguably one of the most robust available on the market. The announcement comes as demand for mobile access to product information, availability and order capabilities continues to increase across industries. This article examines the process behind Grainger’s application development, as well as what’s driving more distributors to go mobile.

Have a question? Check your smartphone. We’re no longer required to wait until we get home or until we can connect our computers to the Internet to get the answer. While this has been a growing trend in our personal lives for years, it is now making a major mark in the B-to-B world.

A number of distributors have developed their own targeted apps.

Platt Electric Supply, for one, developed an app with a store locator and mobile access to your Platt account. HVAC distributor Johnstone Supply created a broader “toolkit,” including a duct-sizer and efficiency savings calculators.

Grainger’s new mobile app, released in August, takes the concept even further – aiming to bring the full functionality of to the smartphone.

The Grainger Model
Over the past year, mobile traffic to Grainger’s website has increased 400 percent, …

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