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Conflict Minerals Rule Has Unexpected Consequences for Distributors

New SEC filing rule for manufacturers will have a broader impact than anticipated

December 10, 2013

The first filing deadline for the conflict minerals provision of the Dodd-Frank Act is fast approaching. While the provision – requiring disclosure of the use of tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold sourced in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo – only directly applies to public manufacturers, the actual impact is much broader than anticipated, and many distributors aren’t sure of the steps they need to take to comply.

This article examines the conflict minerals rule and how its effects are being felt all along the supply chain. It also provides practical information on how distributors can prepare for helping customers comply with the new rule.

This article includes:

  • An overview of the SEC Final Rule on Conflict Minerals
  • Analysis of the broader impact of the rule
  • Steps for creating a game plan to address the rule's impact

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