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Distribution Sales & Marketing

The Secret to Improving Margins

Product and customer mix are the key levers.
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Do You Have A Sales Funnel Problem?

The role of the B2B distributor in the sales process is changing.
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Why Are Distributors So Bad at Marketing?, Part 2

A veteran marketing VP adds to the list.
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Caution: Private Label Traps Ahead

Avoid these common strategic mistakes
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Project Selling: A Vital Part of Creating Value

A primer on how to develop project selling as a competitive moat.
Project selling – an area where there is room for simple, high-value improvements – stands out as one of the most critical and lucrative ways a distributor can create a value-added service component. Here’s a ...
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Commentary: Differentiating from Digital Distributors

Who will sell the project of building moats for your company?
Project selling is a value-added service that building products distributors can offer their customers that truly differentiates them from pure digital (“online only”) competitors. Who will sell the project of building moats for your company? ...
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Don’t Let Your Customers Walk Away Online

Don’t make it hard to do business with you.
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Who Started The Price War?

How to move the answer from anecdotes to data.
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Tip: Update Your Sales Strategy for the Next Generation

While distributors are slow to hire the next generation, their customers aren’t.
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Will Artificial Intelligence Terminate Your Salespeople?

Sales people still matter. Help them adapt.
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