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Tip: Be Wary of Communicating Lofty Ideas with Branding

Focus slogans on how you help customers – not on vague but meaningless ideals
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How To Develop Branding Strategy

Crafting your slogan and supporting messages
In the prior two articles of this series, we explored the pitfalls of bad branding and damage branding agencies can do. We outlined the “Branding Matrix” and how you can use it to understand how ...
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Commentary: Are Pricing Consultants Worth the Price?

When pricing projects fail it’s often the distributor’s fault
When pricing projects fail it’s often the distributor’s fault. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access to the following related articles: ...
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How Important is Branding for Your Business?

Best practices for determining your branding needs
In part one of this three-part series, MDM President and COO Ian Heller explored the dangers of working with a pure branding agency and how the wrong partner can do more harm than good for ...
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Ready to Transform Your Sales Model?

Second annual Sales GPS Conference set for June in Denver.
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Tip: Digitize if You Want to Stay Competitive

There is no stopping change, so get on board with online marketing, other tools.
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Grainger CEO Outlines Benefits of Pricing Move

Macpherson: Change is designed to increase revenue in three areas.
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[Video] Do You Think of Marketing as an Investment or an Expense?

Learn the right way to measure marketing ROI.
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Case Study: PE Impact on Foodservice Distribution

Consolidation, demand for technology continue to disrupt sector
Over the last several years, private equity firms have invested billions of dollars in distribution. This analysis examines how consolidation has impacted the foodservice sector and the opportunities private equity sees in the segment. This ...
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