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Distribution Sales & Marketing

Industrial Supply Association Relaunches with Channel 2.0 Convention

ISA emphasizes how member groups can optimize roles to stay relevant to customers.
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Mismanaged Omni-Channel Models are a Threat to Distribution

Three key changes that are forcing distributors to reexamine sales coverage models
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MDM’s Top 5 Blogs of March

A common theme resonated throughout MDM’s most-read blogs.
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The Threat of Distributor Disintermediation

Understanding the key issues behind a supplier’s choice to go direct to customers.
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How SIOP Can Help Distributors Better Integrate Business Functions

Sales, inventory and operations planning can introduce significant benefits.
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How Distributors Can Raise Margins Without Raising Prices

Six mistakes keeping you from buying at the lowest possible prices.
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MRO Buyers Primed for New Suppliers

Large-account buyers may be warming up to Amazon Business.
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How to Grow a Profit Analytics Culture

Distributors can shift from a revenue-share mindset to a profit-share mindset by zeroing in on three key metrics
Analytics-driven operations can deliver staggering profit gains, but it takes a visionary leader who won’t accept a company’s current limited analytical expertise. In this article the author, who will outline these concepts at MDM’s Pricing ...
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I’m Too Busy to Think About Profits!

Growing profits is the true measure of a great business. How much time do you spend learning how to get more profit out of your company?
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4 Strategies to Get Ahead in B2B E-Commerce

You may not compete with Amazon, but your customers expect you to serve like them.
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