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Online Auctions Are Here To Stay

Distributors must use counter tactics and focus on renewal strategies to avoid becoming undifferentiated suppliers.
Reverse auctions represent a sourcing strategy many distributors will be forced to cope with in the coming years ' a situation likely to upset many wholesale distribution executives. This conclusion comes from the new ...
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Two key issues for 2004

The lead article in this issue addresses reverse auctions and the impacts ahead on distributors. The article also points to two key issues for 2004 in this rebuilding economy: internal cost management and building your ...
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New growth opportunities

Before the end of 2003, we start to see some interesting changes start to play out in the MRO distribution sectors. It reinforces the perspectives offered by MDM readers on the state of the industry ...
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The Sales Manager's Best Friend

These days most sales managers could use a good friend. The stagnant economy and intense competition put extreme pressure on the sales force. Meanwhile, sales reps are often fiercely independent and difficult to manage. They ...
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Profits: A Strategic, Time-Management Assignment

Question: "I don't have time to read a book or watch a video, Bruce. Ever since we cut back on personnel to get back to break even, all of us (management) have been swamped. Don't ...
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Survey: Service tops product brands

Product brands are commodities, according to customers surveyed recently for a white paper commissioned by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association ( What they wanted most from EASA members was excellent customer service and high-quality engine ...
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Develop Services To Sell

Editor's note: Industrial distributors can grow and thrive, but only if they develop services that local accounts will pay for and the competition can't easily match. This article provides a framework for developing and launching ...
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Selling Services When Nobody Has Money To Spend

Many successful service providers have found that a focus on sales, service design and development, finance, service delivery and quality assurance is fundamental. Spend a day thinking about each of these aspects and how ...
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Growing When Markets Don't

A new book looks at how innovative companies in a variety of mature industries are continuing to grow by focusing on opportunities surrounding products rather than the products themselves.In today's economy, companies that try to ...
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How Pricing Decisions Impact Your Bottom Line

This article is excerpted from Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution, by Jim Olsztynski, published by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. Containing text explanations and review questions, the book is a tool for training branch managers, ...
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