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How to Build a Customer-care System

Editor's note: This article is the fourth of five in an MDM series that provides select excerpts from a new book, Stand Out from the Competition! Four Pathways to Differentiate Your Wholesale Distribution Company.A customer-care ...
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Create powerful message content

Editor's note: This article is the third in an MDM series that provides select excerpts from our new book, Stand Out from the Competition! Four Pathways to Differentiate Your Wholesale Distribution Company.Executive Summary: The stream ...
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Value of differentiation

Two articles in this issue address differentiation. It's a concept that is gaining importance across all types of businesses ヨ industrial, retail, services ヨ as price becomes an increasingly common basis for vendor selection and ...
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The Four Ps of Differentiation

Executive summary: This article presents a model for thinking about how to differentiate a wholesale distribution company. It introduces a framework – the four Ps of Position, Pitch, Performance and Proof – that may be ...
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Building an effective communication strategy

Executive summary: This article provides a primer on basic public relations and external communications strategy for wholesaler-distributors. We review key elements of an effective communications strategy and discuss best practices that can be used by ...
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Recognize the value of salespeople

It's important to recognize'particularly through this prolonged down economy'the value of the salespeople in the trenches and the difference they can make. In good times, these people have to deal with rejection and find ways ...
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Think about your customer investment portfolio

Executive summary: While activity based costing proved to be a successful measurement tool for manufacturers in the 1990s, this article suggests that distributors today should use customer profitability analysis as a more effective means to ...
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Free your customers

Executive summary: Distributors are caught in a trap. To free themselves, distributors will first need to free their customers. For-fee services will play an important role in helping distributors break out. By avoiding potential ...
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Customer focus quick assessment

One of the best sources of competitive differentiation is a high level of customer focus. Todd Youngblood of The YPS Group, Inc., Acworth, GA, a sales process engineering and sales training firm, created these 25 ...
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Joint planning: The good, bad and the ugly

Targeting accounts, sharing information and incorporating a clear, consistent message from headquarters down through to the local salesperson on the street were just some of the key points made by a panel of power transmission ...
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