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Distribution Sales & Marketing

Joint planning: The good, bad and the ugly

Targeting accounts, sharing information and incorporating a clear, consistent message from headquarters down through to the local salesperson on the street were just some of the key points made by a panel of power transmission ...
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Gaining competitive advantage

One of the primary lessons of the past two years, and particularly this year's endless summer of waiting for a recovery to happen, is that if you are operating the same way you were, you're ...
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Relationship best practices focus of PTDA guide

As a first step to help members improve the levels of planning, communication ad trust in their relationships the Industry Relations Committee of the Power Transmission Distributors Association, Chicago, IL, has published a list of ...
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Looking for Gold? Prospect your Pricing System

Executive summary: There are opportunities to improve profitability in every aspect of your pricing system. This article highlights the 'low hanging fruit,' three areas to focus on where your actions can have the biggest impact ...
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Shifting the sales compensation paradigm

Executive summary: How do you protect cash positions while balancing the seemingly contradictory problem of keeping cost of sales under control and your sales force intact while revenues decrease? Compensating sales efforts appropriately is one ...
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Maintaining profitability in a tough year

Executive summary: This article analyzes data compiled for the National Association of Electrical Distributors, from the annual Profitability Assessment Report, compiled by Dr. Bates' firm. The article identifies key areas where high-performance distributors outperform ...
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The Hidden Costs of Price Agreements

Executive summary: This article defines price agreement types and a typical rebate structure and cycle. It outlines key administrative expense issues and offers ways to analyze your current system for managing agreements and processing rebates. ...
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Service shift

How do you like it when you're asked for your phone or account number during a service call by an automated phone system and then get asked to provide the same number again when you're ...
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How well do you really know your customers?

Executive summary: How do we learn to be more customer-centric? This article offers some key questions to evaluate how oriented your company is to customer issues. It also identifies traits successful customer-centric companies have ...
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Managing channels for results

Executive Summary: This article provides industrial manufacturers with three key strategies for managing their industrial channels. The strategies are built around results-oriented management of distributors based on customer needs and channel economics. Industrial supply ...
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