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Re-thinking distributor profitability ' A case study

Executive summary: This article provides a composite case study that explores three key profitability areas for distributors: a) sales volume versus profitability, b) small order opportunities, and c) customer segmentation to create different service levels.ABC ...
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How to retain top sales talent

Executive summary: The turnover rate of sales people is a constant concern for senior management. This article offers ways to stabilize the sales team, improve their performance and retain your top performers. Understanding why ...
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Focus and leverage

Where is the growth going to come from? When? Those are primary questions on most distributors' minds right now. Sales are sputtering, an improvement over a few months ago. Conversation at the I.D.A. convention in ...
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More than a people business

Peg Fisher, a long-time industry consultant in distribution telesales, inside sales/customer service, and marketing, keeps in touch and offers her unique insight from time to time:Perspective (MDM Apr. 25) brings up that oldᅠdistributor fall-back '...this ...
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Making fee-for-service work

Executive summary: Fee-for-service will be a logical evolution of the traditional gross margin pricing model for the industrial distribution channel. Distributors and manufacturers need to strategically evaluate the outcomes of a fee-for-service world. This ...
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The top sales compensation do's and don'ts

Executive summary: This article looks at the biggest errors companies make relative to their outside sales compensation programs in lean times, the 'don'ts,' as well as the activities that companies should undertake, the 'do's.' 'Much ...
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New-economy conversations: How to get "real" customer feedback

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from The Wholesale Distribution Customer Speaks, a book published this year by the Distribution Research and Education Foundation of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. The focus of the ...
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Tier Level Selling in the New Millennium

Executive Summary: This tier level sales program provides the right focus on your 'plus' accounts. It points you to the five largest accounts with the most growth potential without ignoring the five best medium sized ...
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