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Distribution Technology

Parker Hannifin Opens Emerging Technologies Learning Center

Center to focus on additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics.
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Tip: Meet Customers' Delivery Demands or Get Left Behind

"Amazonification" of supply chain creating loftier expectations for distributors.
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Tech Provides Small Productivity Boosts with Big Effects

Invest now to lay the groundwork for a long-term profitability boost.
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Go Beyond the Hype to Capitalize on Disruptive Tech

Although full impact is uncertain, investing now will position you for long-term success.
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Are You Data-Driven?

Internet of things provides opportunities for distributors that embrace it.
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Recommended Reading: Manufacturers Look for Distributors with Strong E-Commerce

Distributors lag manufacturers in e-commerce maturity.
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Watsco 'Well-Positioned' Against Amazon Threat

President: Drones can't deliver five-ton condensing units.
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Tip: Understand Customer Demand Before Investing in Mobile

Properly investing in mobile tools can be critical – if it's what the customer wants.
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Recommended Reading: Stop Revenue Leakage

E-commerce exposes broader range of products to existing customers.
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Why the Customer is the New King

The key to success in the Age of the Customer is to know your customer.
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