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Distribution Technology

Recommended Reading: Manufacturers Look for Distributors with Strong E-Commerce

Distributors lag manufacturers in e-commerce maturity.
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Watsco 'Well-Positioned' Against Amazon Threat

President: Drones can't deliver five-ton condensing units.
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Tip: Understand Customer Demand Before Investing in Mobile

Properly investing in mobile tools can be critical – if it's what the customer wants.
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Recommended Reading: Stop Revenue Leakage

E-commerce exposes broader range of products to existing customers.
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Why the Customer is the New King

The key to success in the Age of the Customer is to know your customer.
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Tip: Ground E-Commerce in Customer Experience

Comprehensive user experience will keep customers coming back.
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Amazon Business Launches in the UK

New B2B service will supply products directly to businesses.
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Recommended Reading: Top 5 Articles from 1Q

Grainger's pricing solution, disruption and a new approach to field sales garner views in the first quarter.
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Automation Drives Shift to Social Economy

Collaboration becoming a critical skill in the industrial economy.
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Grainger’s Pricing Solution

Online presence grows, but high list prices a barrier to customer acquisition
Grainger is often recognized as a leader when it comes to distribution e-commerce, but the company recently recognized that its high list prices might be deterring potential customers from becoming buyers. MDM Editor Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier ...
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