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Wholesale Distribution Disrupted, Part 3: Building a Distributor of the Future

Future success requires better execution and an energized business
Disruptive forces will likely have a transformative effect on wholesale distribution. In our previous two articles, we assessed the financial performance of the wholesale distribution industry and an array of disruptive forces already impacting participants. ...
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Tip: Compete in New Markets by Leveraging Technology

Sophistication can fuel growth, even for smaller distributors.
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'Unusually Grim & Painful' Downturn Drives Innovation for NOV

Manufacturer deploying machine learning, predictive analytics to lower customer costs.
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Who's on Board Your CRM Bus?

Sales might be driving CRM, but buy-in from rest of company remains critical.
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Tip: Improve Value Proposition with a Leading Customer Experience

Distributors should focus on long-term success with customers, as well as short-term.
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Commentary: Innovation: Made in the USA

Manufacturing moves from making to creating
Manufacturing moves from making to creating. Subscribers should log-in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access to the following related articles: Wholesale Distribution Disrupted Small ...
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Recommended Reading: Disrupters Prove Need to Engage Customers

Uber, Amazon just two examples of how companies can change the rules.
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Wholesale Distribution Disrupted, Part 2: Engage to Combat Disruption

Future success requires a strategic framework to act on opportunity
Disruptive forces may have a big impact on the future performance of distributors. This article, the second in a three-part series, introduces a framework for harnessing these disruptive forces and identifies the capabilities distributors need ...
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Tip: Navigate Shifting Landscape by Understanding Disruptive Forces

Leverage benefits of innovative systems to better serve customers.
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Recommended Reading: Top 5 Articles from 4Q

Field sales, millennial recruiting top of mind for MDM readers.
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