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Distribution Technology

Wholesale Distribution Disrupted

How to navigate the distribution industry’s inflection point
Disruptive forces may have a big impact on the future performance of distributors. This article, the first in a three-part series, will identify some of the critical disrupters and their effect on distribution. This article ...
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Think Beyond Outside Sales

Consider how all customer-facing departments in your company communicate.
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Tip: Boost E-Commerce Success by Viewing Site as 'Digital Branch'

Understand the effort and investment needed to launch an e-commerce site.
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The Future of Relationship Selling: The Gorilla in the Room, part 2

Are you a market-server or a market-maker?
The economics of relationship selling are changing, and that means distributors must change, as well. This article – part 2 in a series on the role of the distribution sales rep – examines that change ...
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Recommended Reading: 5 Market Leaders Investing Wisely in Technology

Investments in everything from e-commerce to supply chain paying off.
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Approach E-Commerce as 'Digital Branch'

Strategy, tactics for building website should be same as physical branch.
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Commentary: Drones, Disruption, Distribution

There are plenty of disruptors ready to change how distributors operate
There are plenty of disruptors ready to change how distributors operate. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access to the ...
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Why Field Sales Must Evolve: The Gorilla in the Room, part 1

How customers buy has changed, but how they’re sold to hasn’t
How customers buy is challenging the traditional role, function and purpose of the distributor field sales position. But many distributors have resisted changing their approach to sales for fear of losing sales reps, customers or ...
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AD Hones Focus on Relationship-Building

Buying group aims to help strengthen distributor-manufacturer relationships
The distribution industry is changing, and the role of relationships is changing with it. They still play a critical role, but more needs to be done to maintain them. This article looks at how ...
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‘Digital Branch’ Strategy Drives AD eContent

Wholesale buying and marketing group aims to level playing field
AD’s e-commerce services, which became available for its industrial division in January and launches in early December for its electrical and plumbing, PVF and HVAC (PHCP) divisions, gives member companies access to fully attributed ...
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