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Distribution Technology

WESCO International and Plug and Play Launch B2B Sales and Distribution Accelerator

WESCO joins as a founding anchor member in launching their newest accelerator.
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The Company That Kills You …

Qualities that have built a successful distribution company can also take one down.
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Fighting the Digital Disruption War: Protect the Last Mile

If you build a strategy and leaner model from your core strengths, you can out-compete any type of competitor. 
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Digital Threats Loom in MDM's Top May Blogs

Catch up on the most-read blogs of the month.
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The Death of the Keyboard in the Online Order

The transition away from keyboards is already underway and it has big implications for distributors.
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Commentary: Fighting the Digital Disruption War: Protect the Last Mile

You can out-compete any type of competitor
There’s a meme bouncing around the internet that’s attributed to a Walmart banner that hung at its headquarters many years ago. It read something like this: “You can’t out-Amazon Amazon.” Great advice! But if you ...
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Do Your Customers Want to Order or Shop?

There are two types of online purchases made by distributors, each requiring its own e-commerce strategy.
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The Distributor’s Guide to Getting Started with E-commerce

It takes three main components for distributors to launch a successful platform.
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Lack of Vision Holding Distributors Back on Digital Innovation

Explore state-of-the-art innovation practices and make them your own, recommends Mark Dancer.
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How Distributors Can Leverage Their Unstructured Data

Unlock valuable business and customer insights to identify patterns and pinpoint supply-chain inefficiencies.
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