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Where Do I Start With a Platform?

It’s time for traditional B2B distributors to wield the power of platforms for themselves
Alex Moazed was a speaker at MDM’s recent forum on Amazon Business. This article is excerpted from the book “Modern Monopolies: What it Takes to Dominate the 21st-Century Economy”, which he co-wrote with Nick Johnson. ...
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Another Day, Another New Technology

Will blockchain be the second generation of the internet?
Blockchain technology has broad application and disruptive potential across all economic sectors, distribution included. However, issues of cooperation, governance and standardization mean that adoption at scale is likely several years away. This article provides a ...
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MDM Classics: Grainger’s Pricing Woes

In this blog series, MDM will periodically mine its archives to bring you insights from some of our most popular Premium articles.
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What is Blockchain, Anyway?

Some basic facts on a potentially explosive technology
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Five Technologies That Are Disrupting Distribution Right Now

Distributors that embrace new technologies will find doing business becomes easier and more profitable.
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Commentary: Innovation Is More Than Strong Technology

Technology is a powerful tool, but you have to know how to wield it
Innovation has become a buzzword that’s had the tar and meaning beaten out of it. That’s unfortunate, because it cuts to the heart of how distributors are going to find growth and market share in ...
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Digital Behavior: Let’s Talk Turkey

Many distributors are starting to feel skewered by the challenges posed by online competitors.
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What Legacy Companies Can Learn from Amazon’s Culture

Empowerment is an even bigger driver than technology.
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Leadership for the Digital Age

Question. Understand. Act. Repeat.
Distributors have been through cycles of challenge and response before, but change is different in the digital age. Past challenges came from industry insiders with game-changing business models built around leveraging scale and removing redundancies ...
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Rethink Role of Sales as You Adopt New Technology

Not long ago, field sales reps were Lone Rangers.
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